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Widow’s Mite, as found in Mark 12:41-44 and again in Luke 21:1-4, says that giving is a heart issue. Jesus was pleased not with the amount that the widow contributed, but with her heart for offering all that she had in an act of sacrifice to her Lord. The widow’s contribution may have been insignificant in the eyes of the world, but Jesus said that she gave more than the rich people who put in large sums of money.

At Widow’s Mite, like the widow, we believe that small gifts from the heart are used by God in big ways. God’s accounting is not man’s accounting. God can multiply the meager sacrifices of those with a heart for him in a way that does not happen when sums are offered out of abundance.

In that vein, Widow’s Mite is dedicated to helping those in need in ways that may seem small and insignificant to the world, but we know that helping one person, one business, one community is multiplied by God for his bigger purpose.

Our ministry focuses on encouraging people in need with food, medical services, friendship, and fellowship. We also support small businesses by buying products and gift certificates and delivering those products and gift certificates to first responders and local government servants.

Donating to Widow’s Mite is a contribution to God’s kingdom because we know we serve a God who multiplies even the smallest donation to make a big impact when that donation is given with a sacrificial heart for God.

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Our mission is to build a strong community of faithful followers to explore and discuss various biblical financial principles.